10 Benefits Of Travelling Abroad

  1. Decreases loneliness. In 2018 the UK appointed their first government minister dedicated to combating loneliness due to the problem increasing in severity. Travellers have many different ways to interact with both fellow travellers and locals. From group tour activities, meeting others staying at the same accommodation or meeting families that live in the local community. Socialising is increased greatly abroad.
  2. Meet people from different walks of life. Sometimes our lives at home limit us to only meeting certain types of people from similar walks of life to our own. Travelling attracts people from all over the world and very different walks of life allowing you to meet a wider range of people.
  3. Lowered prices. With the travel and tourism industry booming and more and more budget airlines, hostels and low price tourist activities opening every day there has never been a more affordable time to travel. It has also never been easier to find cheap holidays, there are many comparison websites such as Sky Scanner or Trivago which guarantee the best price when you book.
  4. See new parts of the world. Why does anyone go anywhere? To experience a destination. Arguably one of the main reasons to travel is to see a new part of the world. Each country/town/village/region has a different climate, environment, wildlife and culture. Even if only slightly different, it is refreshing to see a change and experience the world from another place.
  5. Understand new cultures. With travel becoming easier, travellers are no longer limited to tourist destinations on resorts within countries. instead they are free to explore the entire country and get off the beaten track and experience more of the culture, living the locals way of life.
  6. Reduces anxiety. Things don’t always go to plan when travelling and with every plan which un-rails travellers actually begin to become better at dealing with the unexpected and coping better, experiencing less anxiety when things go wrong.
  7. Boosts confidence. The ability to step outside of a comfort zone into the unknown makes travellers more confident and overcome obstacles easier.
  8. Creates memories for life. Whether travelling solo, with friends or with family, visiting another part of the world is an experience that you remember for life.
  9. Outdoors classroom. Humans never stop learning and getting away provides an opportunity for travellers to learn a new language and provides time to learn about themselves, others and the world.
  10. Get it off your bucket list. Ultimately the best benefit of travelling is that many people want to travel the world and always put it off which leads to regrets later on in life. Rather than wondering about the road not taken, get it off your bucket list and travel abroad now!

What are your reasons and benefits for travelling abroad? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Love these benefits and agree with them all! Living quite isolated in the countryside it is easy to forget that there are so many different ways of life out there, so I travelling is always a great time for learning for me 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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