More Bloggers Favourite Holidays

Continuing on from last weeks A Bloggers Favourite Holiday Destination, here is another instalment from the blogging community on their best holidays destinations and why!

My favorite place that I’ve been on vacation to is Alaska because it is such a beautiful state and so different from any other place I’ve been. The scenery is breathtaking and there are so many fun things to do there including exploring glaciers, dog sledding, and whale watching! @ Mads Maybe

My favorite destination is usually wherever I’ve just been, so Panama. There’s so much to do if you’re an active traveler like me — hiking in cloud forest jungle, snorkeling off white-sand beaches, kayaking through mangroves, trekking through bat caves. I can’t wait to go back! @ Jessie On A Journey

Dorset on the South coast of England has given me so many wonderful family holidays. Dorset is home to the famous Jurassic Coast and the iconic Durdle Door and the area is rich in history and filled with stunning coastlines. Lying close to the majestic New Forest, with an array of shops, sandy beaches and coves, Dorset really is the ultimate holiday destination. @ Lellalee 

My favourite holiday destination is Amsterdam. I choose this as I consider this to be one of my favourite city in Europe. Every single time I have visited Amsterdam, I keep discovering something new. I also often associate Amsterdam as one big giant student campus as it got such a young vibe to it. However, there is something for everyone, at any age. @ Anna Nuttall

My favourite holiday destination has to be Budapest. From the banks of the Danube all the way up to the top of Gellért Hill, Hungary’s capital city is one that holds surprises and mysteries around every corner. It really has it all – budget-friendly activities, world-class culture, and delicious food. Don’t forget all of the unique ruin bars too! I cannot recommend visiting Budapest enough; you definitely won’t regret your trip! – Heather @ Student Holiday Plans

This is Niry, the founder of the Me With My Suitcase. Actually, unlike many people I know my favourite holiday destination goes to Africa, which is still so misunderstood. Remains then a place to be discovered. And this makes me really excited, makes me believe that there is really something new to explore. I have been visiting already Madagascar, Gambia, Morocco and Senegal, all of them surprised me a lot, in term of Nature and humanity. I hope and I wish I could finish visiting the African continent one day! @ Me With My Suitcase

We enjoy holidaying all over the world and try to go somewhere different every time we leave home. Since having children I would say one of our favourite places has been Mexico! The weather was hot, balmy and beautiful and the locals charming, inviting and enjoy a good haggle! There wasn’t anything to dislike for kids or adults alike and I wouldn’t have any reservations going back with my small children in tow. @ Well Travelled Munchkins

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If you’re interested in featuring on this post, email me your favourite holiday destination and why! Or get involved in the comment section below!

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