More More Bloggers Favourite Holidays

Another great instalment from the blogging community sending in their favourite holiday destinations! Check out the first two posts here and here.

My Favorite Holiday Destination would be JAPAN for 3 simple & straightforward reasons: 1. Food 2. Tasty Food 3. More Food @Trails of Tales

For me it’s a region rather than a specific country that makes the top of my list – South East Asia. Having visited Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore and Philippines amongst others I couldn’t pick which I loved most! The region is great if you’re after tropical beaches, friendly faces, amazing snorkelling, history, culture and, of course, food. Cities are cultural melting pots, but you can still wander far from the big towns to find quiet paradises where you might even have a beach all to yourself. I’ll never tire of visiting South East Asia, and even plan to retire there one day. Hopefully that tells you how great I think the region is! @ Ladies What Travel

One of my very favorite places is Yosemite National Park in the US. It’s just an unreal and beautiful place. @Kathryn Trattner

On our Mexican holiday we stayed in a fabulous 5* hotel in Puerto Vallarta as this was the venue of my sisters wonderful beachside wedding and in the same trip also spent a day in Tijuana, crossing the boarder from the US for a wonderful day trip! You can read more about this on our blog and see the photos at @ Well Travelled Munchkins

Mallorca (Amazing beaches!) – Venice (Gorgeous culture) – Prague at Christmas (Magical Christmas markets) – Barcelona (Breathtaking architecture) – Vienna (Astonishing historical buildings – especially the inside of the palace!!!) @ Life It Or Not

My favourite holiday destination is Riveria Maya in Mexico. It has beautiful pristine beaches and amazing weather that will make you just want to relax all holiday long. Also Riveria Maya has amazing wildlife with wild turtles and dolphins that you can see up and down the coastline. @ Copper And Sun

Florida – I love Florida becuase it’s got a bit of everything. From shopping and theme parks to lounging by the pool and sunbathing. The theme parks are second to none and the opportunity to beat my father on the Men In Black game is one I will never pass up. @ Jessica Moody

Ever since I was a little girl, I’d been dreaming of visiting Japan and I was super lucky to make that dream come true last year. What I liked most about Japan are the atmosphere and the culture. It’s so different from anything we have here in Europe. Especially since I’ve grown up watching a lot of shows and playing games that were made in Japan, it was amazing seeing these back in Japans everyday culture. The food was delicious and there was such a nice balance between the hyper-modern side of the country and the more traditional side.  @The Navigatio

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If you’re interested in featuring on this post, email me your favourite holiday destination and why! Or get involved in the comment section below!



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