A Bloggers Favourite Holiday Destination: Part 4

Welcome to another instalment of A Bloggers Favourite Holiday Destination. Everyone seems to have such different places to vacation and various reasons why each one is the best. Thank you to Marta over at Mischievous Words for supplying the amazing cover photo. Enjoy reading the post.

My favourite holiday destination would definitely have to be the Ecuadorian Cloud forest. I was fortunate enough to spend 2 weeks living on top of a mountain in the Ecuadorian rainforest around Christmas 2017. It was incredible with the view of the mountains and existing above the clouds, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The view was worth the 3 hour hike up a very steep mountain, but I am not in a hurry  to do it again! You can read about this amazing experience and my other environmental adventures on my blog – @ Jesica Lee Cole.

Monterey, California. It has the most beautiful views and wildlife and is close 
to a big city as well (San Francisco) for an easy day trip. @ Hannah With A Camera 

My  favorite holiday destination is Osijek, that is located in an eastern Croatian region of Slavonija. The city is full of history, vibrant culture and good cuisine, because it dates to back to Neolithic times, with the first known inhabitants belonging to the Illyrians and later invading Celtic tribes. There is lots to see in Osijek during the year, for example Croatian Tambura Music Festival (in May), attended by tambura orchestras from all over Croatia and the Osijek Summer Nights (during June, July and August), a series of cultural and entertainment programs in the open, accompanied by excellent food and fairs. Also there are great photo ops through out the city with a range of great restaurants that offer home made mouth watering Slavonija food that any food blogger would like to review. I invite all of you to visit it and see for your self why I love Osijek @ Mischievous Words By Marta

Mexico AND California! Mexico because I traveled their once and stayed long for xmas time. It was such a pretty memory. I also love California because that’s where my husband is at right now! I’m currently in Cali with him, and we enjoyed Xmas this 2018 together. Can I also say I love Chicago? I live there when I’m not traveling and I just love it so much because there’s always snow, so it feels like it really is the holidays there. @ Soy Virgo

Lisbon in Portugal. I went on my own last year for my fortieth birthday and thought it was just beautiful – gorgeous buildings and lots to see and do. My favourite bit was getting a train out to Sintra to visit Pena Palace. @ Slummy Single Mummy

Meedhupparu island in the Maldives. Aside from the gorgeous weather, the bright white sand and the turquoise blue waters, the Maldivian people provide the ultimate in luxury service. The best part about this destination is the journey there, specifically the seaplane to the island. It is the most beautiful flight in the world! @ Lea Bella Blogs

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