Useful Websites For Planning A Holiday

Planning a holiday is getting easier and easier, travellers no longer have to rely on travel agents charging high commission fees. There are many easy ways to organise a trip online, below are a couple of the websites I find really help plan a holiday.

Sky Scanner – This site is number one when it comes to booking flights. It does all of the searching for you and puts them all in a helpful list, you can filter the list in terms of price, flight time, stop overs and seating class. I find it the easiest flight comparisson site to use and also find the prices are cheaper than others, sometimes even cheaper than going direct!

Kayak – Although I find Sky Scanner more affordable for purchasing flights, kayak do have a useful tool when planning quick get aways. The explore tool lets travellers search how far they can travel, filtering by budget and flight time. Personally I use the flight time filter when planning a weekend break and don’t want to waste half a day plane.

Trivago – One of the easiest ways to find accommodation abroad is using comparison sites. They do all of the leg work for you and, similarly to sky scanner put it all in a list for you which you can sort however you want, price, star quality etc. There is also a map view which helps travellers stay local to the amenities and tourist areas they want. 

Air BnB – For more unique and unusual accommodation around the world, I find air BnB great. Did you know there is an air BnB which allows travellers to stay overnight on the Great Wall of China? Alternatively travellers can stay in converted churches, barns, railway carriages or trailers. Increasingly there are more unique ways of enjoying a country and living inside an old windmill may be one of the more obscure ways.

Trip Advisor – No longer do travellers have to check in at tourist information when they arrive in a new country. An entire holiday itinerary can be sorted and booked before even boarding the plane. Trip advisor can help travellers find what there is to do in the local area and provides a rough idea of how much they will cost.

FCO – No matter how dire you want to visit a country, be sure to check it is safe before travelling. The government has a handy website which is updated regularly with information about each country and how safe it is. Even if the media keep droning on about how unsafe a particular country is, be sure to check it out on the FCO website as it may only be small regions of the country which are unsafe. 

Fit For Travel – It is no fun travelling abroad and spending the whole time in a hospital bed because you forgot to get the relevant jabs before you departed. I cannot stress the importance enough to list and local GP or doctor before travelling to make sure you’re up to date on travel jabs and boosters.

What websites do you find easiest to plan your get aways? Comment  below!

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  1. I used AirBnB for the first time in 2018, and I have used it constantly ever since! I always make sure they are a super host, and all my experiences have been great so far! I always find myself on skyscanner dreaming about going different places haha


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