A Bloggers Favourite Holiday Destination: Part 5

And another round of A Bloggers Favourite Holiday Destinations, we are onto part five. Overall countries in Asia seem to be the favourite. You can read part one, two, three and four now. Thank you to Megan for the amazing cover photo, read about why Antartica is her favourite holiday destination below!

I’ve always sought travel experiences that were off the beaten path and unique; journeys and expeditions as opposed to vacations (after-all, adventure makes for the most epic memories!). And that’s why Antarctica remains my favorite location for travel in 2019. Antarctica is one of those rare experiences where the destination is the adventure in itself! One of the last untouched destinations on earth, this is the chance to experience spectacular glacial lagoons, dramatic icebergs, and incredible wildlife like breaching whales, penguin colonies, and deep-diving seals. You’ll take hikes through ice fields, kayaking adventures, and even have the option to camp overnight on the most remote continent in the world! Plus, travel here is something that only a select few can say they have achieved. Read more @ Mapping Megan

La Jolla, CA because of it’s beauty, laid back people, and it’s the most amazing place that I’ve ever been to!  I have this dream of hopefully living there some day so I can take it all in from morning until night, each and every day!  Everyone is so happy and helpful, and there’s always something to do!  Don’t forget to watch the Seals and Sea Otters at the Cove! @ Pluckys Second Thought

South Africa. Spectacular scenery, incredible wildlife, beautiful wines and wonderful people – it truly is a world in one country and an adventurers paradise @ Hannah Rudd

Budapest: A vibrant city full of culture, good authentic Hungarian food and lots of sightseeing to be had. Don’t forget to visit the Ruin Bars, Széchenyi Spa (remember your flip flops even in the winter) and of course the famous river bridges which are beautiful! You’ll be sure to do lots of walking and maybe an occasional tram ride to save your legs! @ Life Of Emma X

my favourite holiday destination is Malta – the reason Malta is my favourite holiday destination, it’s where my ancestors are from, I am part Maltese, part Italian and I’ve always been proud of being a Northern Irish, Italian, Maltese person. Not only that, but Malta has some of the most gorgeous places to visit such as Comino, Blue Lagoon, Azure Window and Vellita just to name a few. the lagoons are especially gorgeous and Malta isn’t expensive to go to, it’s very reasonably priced and the hotels/air BnB’s and apartments are also quite cheap, too. @ Just A Belfast Girl

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