50 Travel Posts To Write

Twenty Six O Two often features guest articles written by readers and fellow members of the blogging community. The most common question i’m asked when welcoming guest writers onto the blog is “What should I write about?” I find this hard to answer, as i am open to all different types of articles.

To help guest bloggers and new bloggers venturing out into the travel niche, know what to write, I have compiled a list of 50 travel articles to write.

1. Things To Do In Your Hometown

Chances are most of your readers won’t be from the same place as you. Although you may not consider it travelling, writing about your hometown can provide a beautiful destination guide for your readers. You can get very in-depth writing about your hometown and can write many articles, including:

2. Best Coffeeshops In Your Hometown
3. Best Pubs In Your Hometown
4. What To Do On A Saturday Night in Your Hometown
5. What To Do During The Summer In Your Hometown
6. Photo Series Of A Day in Your Hometown
7. An In-Depth Look Into The Hottest Attraction In Your Hometown
8. A Simpler Review Of An Attraction On Your Hometown
9. Review A Restaurant in Your Hometown
10. Attend and Write About An Event Close To Your Hometown

It is not just your home town that you can dive into, why not write:

11. Things To Do In (your last vacation destination)
12. Things To Do In (your favourite vacation destination)
13. Things To Do In ( a local city break you’ve been on)
14. Ultimate Travel Bucket Lists

Everyone has places they wish they could go one day, list every destination you want to tick off your bucket list and why it is on there in the first place.

15. Weekend Break Bucket List

Along with an ultimate bucket list, you can also write about places closer to home that you are planning to visit.

16. Ultimate Travel Goals

In the spirit of places you want to visit, write about all of your travel goals. These could include places you want to visit, but aren’t limited to just this like a travel bucket list is. Goals can include, going on a solo trip, saving up to pay for an expensive holiday, relocating abroad or whatever your goals are.

17. 2019 Travel Goals

If thinking up a list of “Ultimate Travel Goals” is too hard, think more short term and what you would like to achieve in the next year.

18. Unheard of Travel Destinations
19. Up and Coming Travel Destinations
20. Everywhere To Travel To In 2019.

These can be different to your travel goals or travel bucket list. These destinations may not necessarily be somewhere you want to travel to but somewhere you’ve heard is great.

21. What To Pack On A Holiday.

Packing lists are fun and easy way to blog about travelling, I also find them very useful when it comes to my next trip as I have a ready to go packing list of everything I need. These can also be as specific as you want:

22. What To Pack On A Beach Holiday
23. What To Pack On A Volunteering Holiday
24. What To Pack On A Trekking Holiday
25. What To Pack On A Skiing Holiday
26. What To Pack On A City Break Holiday
27. What To Pack On A Scuba/Marine Holiday
28. Make Up Packing List
29. Toiletries Packing List
30. What To Pack In A Carry On Bag
31. Packing Hacks
32. Favourite Holiday Destinations

See my part one, two, three, four and five here. Super easy to do and a great way of collaborating with other bloggers.

33. Favourite Holiday Memories
34. Ultimate Holiday Tech
35. New Holiday Tech
36. Make-Up To Use In Hot Climates
37. Unusual Types Of Holidays.

Be as creative as you can with this one. There are so many more vacations to go on, rather than just spending a week, laying poolside.

38. Informative Post On Obtaining Visas

Readers appreciate informative posts that go into detail on important travel topics. Especially subjects that are harder to find out about until you actually go through the process, such as applying for a visa.

39. Informative Post About Travel Health
40. What You Usually Do On Holiday

Find my article on this topic here. I had so much fun writing this and it helped cure my holiday blues.

41. Differences In Cultures Abroad
42. What Clothes Are Acceptable In Countries Around The World
43. Movies Set In Countries Around The World

From the Sex In The City tour in New York to Tomb Raider set at Ankor Wat Temple in Cambodia, a lot of todays media is accessible by visiting the destinations these movies and TV shows are set.

44. How To Save For A Trip

The main setback from travelling is not being able to afford jet setting across the world is the cost. Remember your saving tips can help a reader tick a destination off their travel bucket list

45. How To Save On A Trip
46. Destination Specific Budgeting Tips.

These destinations don’t need to be hours away, remember many readers would consider your hometown a vacation destination. Struggling for inspiration? Think about what you can do for free in your hometown.

47. Budget Airport Tips
48. A Gallery Of Your Favourite Holiday Photos
49. Best Travel Guides
50. Favourite Travel Quotes

Inspire people to Tavel or provide safety tips through your favourite quotes about travelling.

Comment below what you love to write about, when it comes to travel! Have I missed any big talking points?

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