A Bloggers Favourite Holiday Destination: Part 6

Each day bloggers write about travelling the world, but where do they really love to visit? Where are their favourite vacation destinations?

Below are some of my favourite bloggers, favourite holiday destinations:

Hands down my favorite trip of all time has been to Antarctica. It has a quiet and untouched beauty that is unequaled. @This Custom Life

The Oregon Coast is a favorite family vacation destination. Our youngest has special needs so if he comes, we drive. When you visit the coastal region of Oregon, it’s a fun timeno matter the season. For us, renting a beach house is a must. Depending on your budget you can find something that is comparable to the area hotels where privacy and space to spread out can be an issue. From deep sea fishing for my husband and oldest son to beach combing and surf riding for our youngest, we each are in our happy place when we visit Depoe Bay, OR as we did this past summer. For me, I love storm watching and letting the sounds of the ocean soothe me as I sit upon the bluff overlooking the majestice Pacific. Self care at it’s best! @Live Simple Live Inspired

My favorite destination is Orlando, Florida to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando! I’m a crazy Harry Potter fan and it is my all time favorite place in the world! @Sara Writes

I don’t have one favorite vacation destination, but many places that hold a place in my heart. I always like to choose somewhere new to go and explore. India and Bali are two places that stick out a lot in my mind. But everywhere I have gone so far has been amazing in its own way. I am eager to keep exploring new places each time I travel. @Nourish The Free Life

I love Disneyland in Anaheim, CA for the holidays because there is extra magic with decorations and holiday overlays during that time. Disney always pays attention to little details but goes over the top with stuff for holidays! @Princess Page Marie

If asked where is my ultimate favourite vacation place, my heart will instantly leap and declare Japan. I can’t tell you enough of the good things about this country. In terms of beauty, it’s top notch. It has everything from ancient times to modern times, from nature to cities, from rickshaw rides to bullet trains. When it comes to food, it’s heaven for me. Everything was absolutely delicious. There’s always something new to discover by taste every day. But the icing on the cake why Japan is my favourite is definitely the people. They are the most welcoming people I’ve ever met. The rich culture and the physical beauty of Japan are my reasons for falling in love with this country, but the people is my reason for staying in love with it. @Captivated Charis

My favorite destination so far would be Cambodia: the people are so nice, it is still a third world country, there are some gorgeous islands and everything is cheap! I had a tuk tuk driver drive me around for 4 days all day long and didn’t complain or ask for anything. We of course gave him a big tip. He even took us home to eat with his family and out with his friends. Overall the experience was so amazing. @Zoe Kirkland

One of my favorite places for vacation is Colombia, but on December cause all that month is to party, specially in Medellin. It’s really really beautiful and there’s a lot of things to do during the day and at night there’s a really good party, so you kind of have the best of both worlds. @America Maldo


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