Things You Cannot Miss In Tenerife

Tenerife is an Island of the North coast of Africa governed by Spain. Expats from Britain chose to retire in Tenerife and the country became a fusion of Spanish and British culture. With over 760,000 attractions on this island tourists are spoilt for choice.

When you plan your trip, the first thing you’ll want to do is pick the best spot to stay. The most popular and touristy section of Tenerife is Adeje.

This section includes Playa De Las Americas where the clubbing strip is located and especially in summer months will be full of younger tourists. There are other parts of Costa Adeje which are quieter if you don’t want to stay directly on top of the strip.

Here are ten things you cannot miss in Tenerife:

Mount tiede


At nearly 4,000 meters high, Mount Tiede is the highest point of Spain and is an natural beauty of the world everyone should see!

Many coach tours travel up the volcano and allow travellers to explore the area. I prefer to visit the volcano via hire car, it gives you more freedom to explore the volcano in your own time. There is so much to see I don’t think the coach tours allow you to spend as much time as is needed.

There are cable cars to take visiters further up the volcano and if you plan your visit you can even arrange a tour all the way to the mouth of the volcano.

Troya Beach


All of the beaches in Tenerife have imported sand because there is no natural sand on the island. Playa de Troya, or Troya beach, is my favourite, as there is so much to do! From water sport to massages there is everything!

Beware burnt feet, the sun beats down on the black sand all day and it gets HOT! Flip flops are not enough, the sand will still get on them and you will also flick it back up your legs. I find wrap shoes are the best for black sand beaches.

There is a wooden hut on the beach where you can book excursions and water sport activities. The water sports are beautifully affordable and there are discount packages to mix and match different water sports to get more out of your money.

Rock Pools


My absolute favourite thing to do on this island is take a trip to the natural rock pool which are in the north of the island. Very few tours and excursions visit these rock pools and those which do don’t allow enough time to actually plunge in.

They’re a hidden gem of Tenerife. There are many pools along the northern coast and a flag system in place at all of the large pools to tell you if the waves are too strong to go in or if you are safe to have a swim.

To visit these pools you will need to hire a car and drive up yourself. If you are a nervous driver, perhaps take a taxi up and close your eyes.

Escape Rooms


We’ve done a few escape rooms in Tenerife, our personal favourites are Island Phobia. This was actually mine and my sisters first ever escape room, we had never heard of them before!

We started by escaping the Bank Robbery room. This remains my favourite escape room to date. It was incredible. On the same holiday we then spent an hour escaping the Dragons Ring room, this room is based on the Hobbit and Lord of The Rings movies.

On another holiday to Tenerife with my mum and dad, my mum wanted to try and escape the Dragons Ring room, she is a massive Hobbit and Lord of The Rings fan and enjoys escape rooms.

Island Phobia also have a Nightmare room which is based on the Nightmare On Elms Street movies, this one is scary and I am yet to try and escape this one!

There are three more room arriving at Island Phobia soon, Jumanji, Sherlock and Magic School.

Siam Park


The worlds best water park in the world this one is the number one thing you must do in Tenerife! No other excursion even comes close to Siam Park! Free busses travel around the island and pick up visiters for free. There are bus stops all throughout Adeje and you never have to wait long!

Just off the side of the wave pool in Siam Park they have a selection of cabanas for rent. Personally I think this is the only way to visit Siam Park. They come will a TV and lounge area, personal shower, personal sun loungers. The best parts of hiring a cabanas are the all you can eat wristbands and fast track wristbands, you can snack away never getting hungry or having to pay for overpriced food and never having to wait in a queue before riding a water slide.

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  1. I have never been before but Iโ€™ve always wanted to go to Tenerife. It looks absolutely amazing, looks like a great place to relax, soak up the sun and do loads of fun activities. I would definitely go to the rock pools and the water park, theyโ€™re always good fun!

    Chloe xx

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