How I Spend Time Abroad

Deviating from our daily routines, there is no right or wrong way to spend your time on vacation. Every good travel adventure is unique, whether time is spent alongside a strict itinerary of places to go and things to see or freely going with the flow seeing where each day takes you. Personally I am more of the structured fun type of traveller, I want to pack in as much as I can on holiday. When you’re on holiday there are fewer distractions that come with every day-to-day life. There is much more free time to spend with your close friends and family.

Here are some of the things I get up to on vacation:

Playing Cards

Remember how fun it was playing card and board games with your friends and family before the days of playstation and xbox? With limited internet access and no phone signal, I find vacations are the perfect time to enjoy some old school games. A little adrenaline is absolutely a good thing, with the competitive edge of card games, UNO and charades.

Picking Up The Language

Admittedly, I do cheat with this one and primarily choose destinations that speak Spanish as I already have a basic understanding. But even when I do venture away from Tenerife (my go to holiday destination), and visit a new land, as soon as I land I begin asking locals how to say certain phrases. The classics, such as “Hello”, “Thank You” And “I am well” are typically the first phrases I learn.

Not only does picking up the local language help you get by, I also feel locals have more respect for tourists and travellers who are learning their language, I have often received cheaper cab fares and freebies.

Lilo Surfing

A sport created by someone great, is lilo surfing. The aim of the sport is simple, get as far across the pool whilst standing on a lilo like a surfboard. Competitors are not allowed to touch the lilo with anything but their feet, e.g no hands, knees or bottoms. This sounds a lot easier than it is, it is not uncommon to fall off/fall down straight away.

Easily turned into a team game by including water pistols and beach balls. In an all versus one scenario, one competitor surfs the lilo and everyone else tries to make them fall off by throwing balls and squirting water at them. Team game best suited to advanced players.

Escape Rooms

We found escape rooms on one of our first vacations to Tenerife, never heard of it before and slightly confused as to what we had just signed up to. If you aren’t aware of escape rooms, in essence you are “locked in a room” (you can leave whenever, if you need the toilet or don’t like it etc) whilst locked in the room your party must solve puzzles and answers riddles to find your escape. Normally the rooms are themed, for example: our first ever escape room was a bank robbery at Island Phobia in Tenerife. We escaped with all of the money!

Personally, I love these for destinations where the weather can be a bit temperamental, we escaped from about 10 different escape rooms in Florida, whenever there was a thunderstorm we just headed into one, had a blast and came out after the storm had passed. Much more fun than being stuck in a coffee shop or waiting for a closed ride at one of the parks.

Jumping Off Cliffs

I wouldn’t even know where to start trying to do this in the UK, i am sure there are many places you can jump off a cliff and paraglide down, however living in flat Norfolk, there aren’t many cliffs or really any hills to begin with. Most recently on our holiday to Turkey, me, jess, our dad and Michael all braved it and jumped off the cliff there. It is becoming more and more common to see paragliding advertised in touristy areas and we are braving it all around the world in more destinations. What a great way to see a country you’re visiting, from a completely different view, from above.


Whether it’s for crappy souvenirs or for designer goods, I do love a good day spent browsing local markets, shopping centres and anywhere else I can spend my money.

Spa Days

Quite often at home I struggle to find the time to book a massage or spend the day relaxing in a hot tub, instead I am busy working and being forced to spend time with coworkers. Whereas on holiday, i often have many free days when I am able to check myself into a luxury spa. As a bonus, a day at the spa is often much cheaper abroad than it is back at home!

Learning The History

No matter how big or small a country, each place has a past. Whether it is developing from a fishing village to a booming tourism town or perhaps it had an integral part in a war, every place has a history which is worth learning. Commonly there are history tour days put on for tourists, however it is not always necessary to book onto an expensive tour, often hotel staff and locals can tell you about the history of a town or country.

Collecting A Stone

One of my must do’s on every holiday is collect a stone from wherever I am visiting. I then add it to my rockery back home, with all of the other rocks I have collected. Whether the rock is from near the hotel or in a local park, my favourite place to collect a rock from is picked up from the seabed.

Personally, I find this much more enjoyable and personal than buying a fridge magnet or postcard from every destination.

Hiring A Boat

Despite my fear of the ocean and the deep sea, i love nothing more than sailing a boat. Whether it is a catamaran, speedboat or yacht, I love bobbing along on top of the water. Along with hiring a boat, i also enjoy driving speed boats and any other watersports. Although i do find them a lot scarier!

Fall Asleep in Public

Finally, Guaranteed on every holiday, this will happen at least once. I would never even imagine doing this at home, but there is something about being abroad where I feel far less shame falling asleep in public.

I don’t know what causes me to do it, perhaps the heat makes me sleepy, the late nights with a combinations of early morning and forcing myself to go out and explore rather than spend the whole day, in bed, indoors. Whatever the reason, i am often sleepy abroad and feel no shame nodding off in shopping centres, on the beach, at bars and restaurants, waiting for a taxi or even in shops.

What do you like to do on your vacations? Anything similar to me? Let me know in the comment section below!

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  1. On holiday, I like to wake up early, eat often, walk around, sometimes rent a car and drive around and have a quiet pint while chatting with other travellers!

    Rachel ||


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