50 Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow

Inject some sun and vacation into your life and follow these Instagram accounts. Live vicariously through digital nomads and see more of the world on your screen. From ancient ruins, to new and unusual cuisines.

Here are the top 50 Instagram accounts you have to follow:

1. Global Girl Community

An amazing community, filled with likeminded travellers eager to encourage others to join their community and share their love of travelling! @GlobalGirlCommunity

2. Twenty Six O Two

Hannah has travelled all around the world but there are always more destinations on her list to visit! Her favourite place in the world is Tenerife and she tries to go back each year! @TwentySixOTwo

3. Messy Bun Traveler

As both a registered nurse and full-time traveller, Reina Conboy shares her information on health, beauty and safety tips for all your travelling needs. Her goal is to help those living an on-the-go-lifestyle or help those who want to start travelling more, shave off countless hours of planning and research. @MessyBun_Traveler

4. Far Out Jess

Jess was working a corporate job, 12 hours a day and completely burnt out. After a long calling to go to India, she saved, planned and quit her job so she could do just that. What was supposed to be a short break, turned into 10 month trek where Jess learnt so much about herself. She is now a content marketing strategist for small businesses and loves what she does. It took breaking out of the norm for her to figure out her passion. @FarOutJess

5. Travel With Zoe

Zoe loves to travel because of her love of meeting people form all over the world, seeing the beautiful sights and experiencing different cultures. So far, she has travelled to six countries, with more to come! @Travel.With.Zoe

6. Rusha Paenga

Enjoy a personal approach into Rushas outrageous and spontaneous life. With a niche of travel, she’d not afraid to share more than just where she explores, but also her interests and giving raw details into her daily life. @RushaPaenga

7. Journey With Court

After 10 years at her job, Courtney decided to change her career and switch to ESL teaching and travel the world. She has now travelled to over 10 countries worldwide and always adding more. Courtney empowers and inspires others to have the courage to go after their dreams, just as she did. Go out and explore the world! @JourneyWith.Court

8. Ariana Zuber

Ariana is a Peruvian traveller who moved to California when she was 8 years old and now lives in Switzerland. Follow her travels and watch Ariana visit new places, learn about other cultures and see all of the amazing things this world has to offer! Her motto for life, “I always say life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” – Helen Keller. @ArianaZuber.

9. Shaes Travel Lifestyle

Shae is a travel and lifestyle blogger who’s passion is exploring and doing it in style. Originally from the midwest, in Minnesota, she now lives in New York City. When not travelling the world, she is in grad school obtaining her MPA, while acting and dancing on the side. @Shaes_Travel_Lifestyle

10. America Maldo

America loves to travel as a way to escape everything and everyone, instead getting to know a new reality. From how people live and what they eat to their religion and more, it is extraordinary when you realise how similar different cultures are. @AmericaMaldo

11. Sultana Leila

Leilas passion for travelling is fuelled by the need to discover new parts people, places and different things to do! journey with her and see the extraordinary things in life. Choose to live fully, rather than just being alive. @Sultana_Leila

12. Rita Pessoae Costa

A simple girl who loves travelling, mostly alone to discover and embrace all the cultures she possibly can. @RitaPessoaeCosta

13. Kirsten VS The World

Watch Kirsten discover a new land, she recently moved half way across the world from Wellington, New Zealand to London. She is a full time marketer who loves to travel whenever possible. Passionate about exploring new countries and understanding their local traditions, culture and food. Follow her as she settles into life in London. @KirstenVSTheWorld

14. Elenora Plevano

Focused on Italy and the typical la Bella vita. From the point of view of a true Italian. You can also find pictures of Europe and other countries she visits, finding the uncommon details. @EleonoraPlevano

15. She Goes Solo Travel

Created to empower women, equip and inspire them to feel confident travelling solo. Wither great advice for the female traveller who aspires to explore the world on her own. @SheGoesSoloTravel

16. Qu33n Zoe

Zoe is a blogger with an eye for the details, her feed is filled with florals, adventures and gorgeous natural wonders of the world! @Qu33n.Zoe

17. Laura F Travel

Laura works full time in the UK but whenever she has any free time, she loves to travel, meet new people and make memories, being sure to take photos and share them along the way! @LauraF_Travel

18. Introvert Travel

Gemma is an introvert from Australia, trying to make her travel dreams a reality in-between her nine to five job. @Introvert_Travel

19. Ana Baptista

With time, Ana began falling in love with airports because they are full of expectations. Whenever Ana travels she discovers new places, people and whole new culture. Sometimes she falls in love with the whole world all at once and other times it is just her living a typical nurses life with her families and friends. It is the balance between her two lives that makes her who she is! @AnaF_Baptista

20. Justine Fern Photography

From Miami Florida, Justine loves to travel and has been on the road pretty much her whole life. She has lived in many countries and picked up some of the languages aloud the way. @JFernPhotography

21. Ninni

Travelling to over a whopping 56 countries, Ninni loves to travel and see more of the world. She hopes to inspire other to get out there and learn about the world. Inspired by her husband who loves to travel, Ninni shared this passion with him. Not only does it enrich her knowledge about different people, cultures, languages, sights and countries. She prefers to see historical places and the natural beauty left on earth. Overall, her main goal is to travel the world wherever it is possible to go! @nninni01

22. Enferma Por El Mundo

Paula is a nursing student who loves to travel, hence the IG handle nurse around the world (in Spanish) She shares everything she does and finds on her travels. @EnfermeraPorElMundo

23. I’m Nabool

Nabool is a female solo traveler from Malaysia, her one rule whilst travelling is: explore to gain knowledge, livelihood, ethics and noble companionship. She takes this rule with her everywhere she goes and won’t leave until she has explored fully. @imnabool3

24. Lizz Black

Picturesque landscapes from her travels all over the world, Lizz shares some of the most amazing shots I’ve seen! @LizzBlack

25.Yese Photography

Yese is a Digital artist, musician and photographer who enjoys sharing her travel photos from everywhere she goes. @Yese.Photography

26. Pilgrims Of Passion

A passionate traveller, poet and foodie. Explorer Tasha shares her snaps from Iceland to Dubai. @PilgrimsOfPassion

27. Savannah Lyn France

Savannahs Instagram showcases all her favourite places around the globe, with quirky shots from all of her travels. Her account is all about spreading the message of loving and being yourself. She used her account to show and express who she is and her love of travelling, fashion and people.@SavannahLynFrance

28. Rosie M Gibson

Follow a free spirited traveller and photographer, Rosie resides in Cornwall and her feed is filled with sunny beach pics. @RosieMGibson

29. Lea Bella Blogs

I’ve mentioned Lea Bella on my blog a couple of times, most recently on my February Bloggers Round Up, I love her blog and her Instagram feed is always filled with sunny travel shots, especially of her favourite destination, The Maldives. @LeaBellaBlogs

30. The Sweet One

Radostina is from Bulgaria, she loves to travel and write. Her Instagram tells unique and unusual stories with every photo she takes. She travels in-between her job as a journalist and making hand made jewellery. Her favourite holiday destinations are near the seaside and especially anywhere in Ireland! @The.SweetOne

31. Angelica Sabeni

Work, save, travel and repeat, is the motto Angelica lives by. Capturing memories of well known landmarks in different countries. @Angelicasabeni

32. The Mad Girl

Lorena is originally from Barcelona, however after moving and living in Spain, The United Kingdom, America and Australia for the past 7 years, she considers herself home wherever she is. Travelling to 27 countries and counting, she believes in collecting memories not things. @TheMad.Girl

33. Nixie Castello

As a full-time student and working part-time, life can get a bit hectic for Nixie. However, she is sure to still fit in time to visit new places whether local or far. She loves sharing her experiences so that others can too have somewhere new to go and enjoy. @NixieCastello

34. Wizard Of Wander

Wizard Of Wander is a personalised booking service to make planning a holiday even easier. Customers send in their holiday photos which fill the Instagram feed with sunny tropical photos! @WizardOfWander

35. Who Cares Chelsea

Currently in the UK, Chelseas next stop is Japan. She tries to use her Instagram to encourage others to get out of her comfort zone, inspiring others with a sprinkle of humour. @WhoCaresChelsea

36. Jessica Clare Travels

25 from London, Jessica loves the city but it is also defiantly a driving factor behind her love for travel and in particular, her love for being by the ocean. With parents from South Africa and a very international family, Jessica is lucky enough to have been travelling her whole life, often visiting siblings and family still in South Africa and across America. This year she is hoping to add Stockholm, Marseille, New York and Rhodes to her destinations she has visited, ticking them off her long list of destinations she wants to visit. @JessicaClareTravels 

37. The Naini Sisters

These two snap their never ending journeys and add some sunshine and fun into your Instagram feed. @TheNainiSisters

38. Dom Smith

Editing his travels into bitesized videos for his follows to get a real grip of what another country is like and exactly what he gets up to. During the day Dom works at Formula One! Which naturally takes him all around the globe, travelling with his day job! @Dom93iom

39. Jessica Moody

Selfies on nights out all across the globe, Jessica’s travels take her from America to Canada and to Europe and beyond. Regularly visiting Ibiza and a yearly trip to Turkey, there is a lot of sun, sea and partying on her feed! @_Jess_Moody_

40. Kennedy Dawn

Travelling is Kennedys passion! Currently studying travel and tourism at the Southern Albert Institute of Technology, she uses her Instagram to share her memories and have somethings she can look back on later in life and remember each holiday and where she has been. She also loves using Instagram to connect with other travellers to care stories and learn about our beautiful world and where she should visit next! @_Kennedy_Dawn_

41. The Boho Backpacker

Emily runs The Boho Backpacker, she is a solo female traveller exploring Central America and currently in Guatemala! Watch her space as she is launching a travel blog soon! @The_BohoBackPacker

42. Xaris Charis

Every travel is a blessing. Charis may not have travelled to many places but she makes the most of everywhere she visits. Enjoy living vicariously through her most recent trips to Tokyo, Japan and more! @Xarischaris

43. Jolandi The Sojourner

Jolandi focuses on wealth, travel and health and loves exploring the globe whilst she’s not working as a financial advisor. Living in South Africa, she will fill your feed with sunny beach shots! @Jolandi.The.Sojourner

44. TR Dub

Based in Atlanta, Tashelle posts rustic photos from her travels all around the world. It wasn’t long ago that a sudden urge to travel came over her and her next vacation stops include Miami and Cancun! @TR.Dub

45. Mariana Rei

From Almada, Portugal, Mariana is currently studying as a Erasmus student in Murcia, Spain. Her travels include volunteering as part of the EVS in Baria Mare. @MarianaRei

46. Cristina Tais

Born and raised in Southern California, Cristina is a thirty-two year old nurse who loves to travel. @CristinaTais.C

47. Kittygram

Kriti wears her heart on her sleeve and posts all about her travels around the world. You can get a glimpse into her travel lifestyle on her Travel Archives saved story. @KittyGram16

48. Ana Margaridaviera

Ana describes herself as a 23 year old weirdo who feels the range. Her isntagram feed is filled with summer days and musical sessions! @AnaMargaridaviera

49. The Ananas Girl

From Los Angeles to Venice and Las Vegas to Portugal, this feed is filled with photos to ignite the travel spark inside of everyone! @TheAnanasGirl

50. Mily Garcia

Although this account is private, it is certinly worth the the follow request. From Mexico, Mily loves travelling and sharing sunny photos of everything she finds! @Miligarciasnchz

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