How To Travel On A Budget

Never let your empty wallet stop you from taking the trip of a lifetime and explore the world, travelling abroad. If you are experiencing wanderlust but don’t have the bank account to support your dreams it doesn’t mean you can’t travel. There are many ways which travelling can become affordable and not break the bank.  

Take Advantage Of The Sales

Take advantage and purchase flights during the sale period. Sky Scanner regally pull together sales offered from airline companies and put them together on their blog. Times of year to take advantage of the sales are Boxing Day and January sales, valentine day sales, spring time sales, black Friday sales and cyber Monday sales in November.

Research Cost Of Living

Before settling on a destination make sure you know how much the cost of living is of a chosen destination. This will help plan a daily budget and have a better estimation as to how much they can expect to spend each day. Countries in Asia are great for long stay budget travellers, accommodation, food and things to do are all affordable and tend not to inflate for tourists. The costs of flights are slightly more but you can get by on as little as £10 a day. Travellers, going for a shorter period of time may prefer a country in Europe. Although general living may be more than countries in Asia, flights tend to be cheaper.

Don’t Exchange Money At The Airport

Before departing be sure to keep a close eye on exchange rate fluctuations as currency can strengthen and weaken quickly! There are many currency comparison sites online which list different places to purchase currency from strongest to weakest exchange rate. As a rule, the worst places to exchange currency are airport kiosks. They charge a high premium for the convenience of picking up the currency just before departure of just after you land in the country. If you have no time to exchange money before travel, stick to exchanging only a small amount, enough for a taxi or bus ride at the airport and exchange the rest of your money in town where fees will be lower.

Be Flexible

The easiest way and simplest way to save money whilst abroad is to be flexible with your plans. Instead of having a set itinerary with pre-booked things to do and weekends away be flexible with activities and where you stay. There are often local guest houses and things to do which are much cheaper than those advertised online, they may only advertise locally through word of mouth or posters in town. The more adaptable a traveller is the more loopholes and tricks they will find such as overnight sleeper trains. These are usually more affordable and allow you to save on accommodation.

Find Affordable Accommodation

As with anywhere in the world, deciding to stay in the city centre is likely to cost you more than staying further out or in a smaller city or village. As travel is increasing in popularity, there are more unique and affordable ways to visit a country and stay in a city centre for a fraction of the cost. Rather than following the heard of other travellers booking hostels and hotels to stay in for the night, look for other places to sleep. You would be surprised the options out there and the affordability of them, some are even free! Here is a handy guide to free accommodation that can be found around the world!

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