Unusual Volunteer Projects

Volunteering is becoming more accessible with more unique and obscure projects popping up all around the world. While volunteers who deliver meals on wheels and work at charity shops provide an invaluable service, some may opt for some of the more unusual volunteering roles out there, both at home and away.

NASA Astronaut

Would you like to travel around space for a year? NASA is looking for a pair of twins, one to travel through space for a year and the other to stay on earth for the organisations to monitor and study the effects of prolonged weightlessness. Comparing the genetically identical space twin with the earth twin, this is the first study of its kind.

Festival First Responder

With just a basic accredited L3 First Aid at Work QCF award, Festival Medical Services welcome volunteers to join festivals all over and help as a first responder. Volunteers patrol the event site and respond to calls for assistance, providing medical assistance to minor injuries. Whether the volunteers are patrolling by foot, as part of the Cycle Response Team or as part of the Ambulance team. They can also assist at medical facilities and walk in centres around the event. Complete a minimum of two shifts across a festival and spend the rest enjoying music and comedy by headliners.

Mascot Surgeon

Every year, Sue Ryder hosts the world’s largest mascot race during which some of the mascots end up looking a bit worse for wear. Jumping over fences and racing to the finish line can wear down a costume. Volunteers are needed to patch them back up, getting them back in shape for their next public appearance. Over one hundred participants compete for the gold cup and all hands are needed to ensure the mascots look great both pre- and post-race.

Cultural Exchange With A Tribe

Volunteer overseas and participate in a complete cultural exchange, submerging yourself into another culture, away from technology and modern conveniences. Many volunteer sending organisations recruit from all over the world to experience Africa through the eyes of a Maasai family. Help mum with the children, milk the goat and fetch water or teach in the nursery and help with repairs in the village.

Chicken Knitter

Have you ever wondered who makes all of the cute knitted chicks you see pop up around Easter time? At Wheatfield Hospice in Leeds, a long-term volunteer position is open to anyone with an interest in knitting, to create chicks to sell at Easter and raise funds for the charity.

Project Hope

Aiming to save lives across the globe, project hope is a hospital ship which travels from coast to coast, wherever the need is greatest, providing global health and humanitarian relief. Responding to disasters and health cries, the boat stays docked well after the disaster strikes providing care to locals and searching for a solution to epidemics and any neglected health needs. Any volunteers with a medical background can help hands on with the locals, but there are also many opportunities for non-medical volunteers to get hands on and make a difference, helping with admin, organisation or generally on the ship.

Buddhist Living

Learn a new way of life and experience ancient traditions at a Buddhist temple. ThaBarWa Centres in Asia welcome volunteer to learn meditation and help others who have physical and mental difficulties. Volunteer roles vary from centre to centre, but most include: providing medical and physiotherapy care, along with joining monks to collect alms and teaching English to locals.

Sea Eagle Musician

The RSPB recruits a very special volunteer to dress as a sea eagle and play the fiddle as part of education events. Anyone who has a good musical ear and isn’t afraid of birds would love this opportunity, playing an instrument whilst educating others and volunteering for the RSPB.

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