Day One On A Cruise – Palma Majorca

We arrived in Palma, bags in hands and jumped on the coach to the port.
As we pulled into the port you could hear everyone arguing with their partners and families which cruise they thought was ours, having forgotten the name since they booked it. The Marella Dream.

The Marella Dream

First impressions of the cruise were underwhelming, we had been promised a lot by the travel agent who didn’t deliver. The rooms were dated and small. Not just the rooms, the general decor of the cruise was ancient.

Originally we had booked onto the P&O Britannia, which looked amazing, however, after a mix up on dates and other things, we ended up changing, having been assured the Marella Dream was the same if not better than the P&O cruise. It wasn’t.

We didn’t want to dwell on the quality (or lack of) of the cruise and quickly ditched our bags and headed into Palma city. The cruise had arranged transfers into Palma city for £5 per person, so we hopped on.

Palma Majorca

The first thing we noticed when getting off the coach was the beautiful scenery, enclosing half of our view was the water beside us, crashing against the rocks and the other half of the view was taken up by the impressive Cathedral.


Standing high and wide, the cathedral drew in everyone’s attention, as the whole coach began heading that way.

Palma Market

Along the roads leading to the Cathedral were quaint market stalls, filled with typical tourist shopping.

  • Places to get your caricature done
  • Names engraved on wooden memorabilia
  • Art of Palma Majorca
  • Names painted in different patterns
  • By far the most impressive was a woman spinning yarn and making shawls.

One peculiar thing I noticed about the market was that every stall had ‘no photos’ signs. Nobody wanted you to take photos of their impressive art or items. I have travelled to places where you have to chuck the vendor some loose change if you want to take pictures, and other places where the shop assistants don’t seem to care if you take photos or probably even items from the stall – but never have I ever been somewhere you’re not allowed to take any photos. As someone who lives their life online, I didn’t like it that much.

Palma Cathedral

After wandering through these cute market stalls for while we decide to head to the Cathedral, Catedral-Basílica de Santa María de Mallorca. The architecture was stunning, dated back to 1229. Building began in the thirteenth century but wasn’t completed until the seventeenth century. Art from Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Neo-Classical and Modernist all featured on the walls.


Cafe Food in Palma Square

Tired from walking around the cathedral grounds we planned on doing what we do best, find a pub and drink. We actually struggled to find a pub, to begin with, we’re British and are used to pubs being a dime a dozen, more convenient than convenience stores. Whereas we had to really hunt for one here. Eventually, we found a square with a couple of restaurant/bars to sit down and chill. The food was meh, the drinks were watery and the service was dismal but the atmosphere made up for all of that. We played cards and nibbled on bread until we were ready to head back to the boat.

Spanish Street Meat

We had missed the last of the shuttle busses and so began our quest to find a Spanish cab. Whilst ambling around, we stumbled across a dried meat store. The smell made my mouth water, we had to go in. The woman inside was lovely, didn’t speak a word of English but tried her hardest and was politely relieved when I told her I spoke Spanish. We got some dried meat, Serrano Jamon and Parma ham to take back to the boat and a cone of chorizo and pastrami to eat on the way. One of my favourite things about going abroad is finding unusual street food they have in other countries. New York is filled with hot dogs and bagels and unsurprisingly Spain is all about the dried meats.

Onboard The Cruise Ship

When we got back to the cruise, tomorrows itinerary waited for us in our rooms. We were at sea for the whole day and didn’t want to be bored.


In the morning there was:

  • Carpet Bowls
  • Dance Stretch
  • Sucker Archery
  • Line Dancing
  • Backstage Tour of the show lounge
  • Arthritis Seminar
  • A Talk From The Captain
  • Golf Putting

In the afternoon:

  • Fashion Show of the clothes available to buy on board
  • Master Chef Tasting
  • Theatre Performance
  • Afternoon Trivia
  • Singing Classes
  • Makeup Class
  • Bingo
  • Singing from the on-board show team
  • Table Tennis

In the evening:

  • Meet The Captain
  • Piano Vocals
  • Trio Tri-Vibe Singing group
  • Live Music from Muzik Unlimited
  • Multimedia Challenge
  • Blues Brothers Show
  • Piano Vocals with Ben Parker
  • Game Show
  • Live Music with 2 Intense
  • Show Team Cabaret
  • Late Night Disco

The boat was set to head off at 10pm and all the newbies had to participate in an emergency safety meeting. Basically, we learnt that if the ship sinks, we pick up a life jacket and swim.

Knackered after a day of waking up early to fly to Majorca and wandering around the seaside Spanish town, we retired to our room at 10:15 PM