Day Three On A Cruise – Tripani

After a boozy night six hours before I awoke to my sister being sick in the bathroom, unable to handle her alcohol. We mooched around our small room, watching downloaded shows on Netflix and dozing off back to sleep.

When we eventually actually got up (far later than we probably should have) the cruise has docked in Tripani. We headed off the boat and into Tripani, we left the boat at 11 AM and had to be back on at 4 PM.


This province of Italy is packed full of a long colourful past. The province contains Medieval mountain tops of Erice, set 750 metres above sea level. Along with the abundance of history in these mountain tops, it also offers up eye-popping views.

Reading the ‘Cruise News’ on our stop in Tripani, we were promised great sights, waist-bustling good seafood and bags of irresistible Sicilian charm.

Immediately after stepping off the boat, we noticed the town seemed closed for the day. Every shop, cafe bar and restaurant in eyeshot was closed. 

“Is it a Sunday?” my sister asked. Who hasn’t fallen victim to losing track of the days on holiday before? It wasn’t a Sunday, which was what made the absence of working shops weird.

After strolling for about 10-15 minutes we found a bar with tables and chairs outside. We parked ourselves down, trying to hide from the beating sun. “We aren’t open” a waiter hollered at us from inside the restaurant. We peeled ourselves off the seats and continued walking.

We finally found a restaurant/cafe that was serving and slumped into the seats. Still hungover from the night before my father and sister wanted water and my mother and I both ordered an infamous Italian coffee. We placed our order with the waitress and she walked away. Retuning a minute or two later, the waitress said we hadn’t ordered enough and would either have to have our drinks to go or order more. We asked if they served food, which they did not and settled on ordering more drinks… that we did not want.

After finishing our two drinks each, we found ourselves hungry and once again strolling the streets of Tripani. We found a nice little Italian restaurant, hidden down an alley.

At four’ o’clock we begrudgingly re-boarded the cruise ready to head off. Mentally preparing ourselves for another boring evening.


After winning at blackjack last night, I wanted to check out the slot machines and see what they were about. It was happy hour at the casino which meant half price minimum bets. We lost £20 within an hour, it wasn’t the best of times for us.


The evening meal was… okay. It wasn’t the best, but also wasn’t inedible. The main issue I have with the food isn’t the quality but the lack of choice. For the third night in a row, there was some sort of roast available but not to the standard of a British roast dinner. As well as the roast there were the bespoke restaurants, as well as generic hot buffet food – nothing to write home about. 

Evening Entertainment

Tonight there was no quiz, despite there being quite a few the night before. Instead tonight we would watch a family fortunes style quiz show with other passengers of the cruise getting involved. This was funny to watch them awkwardly introduce themselves at the start of the show but the novelty quickly ran dry. After the first round, it became mostly entertaining for those involved and their friends and family they were travelling with. The rest of the audience seemed bored with little involvement for them. 


Bored, again, on the ship, after family fortunes ended, we headed back to the casino to try and win back some of the money we had lost earlier in the day. Sticking to blackjack, our game of choice we gambled our money away and won back £10 of the money we lost. Still in the positive from our victorious win last night, we left in the green and called it a night.

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