Unmissable Things To Do In Turkey

The affordability of accommodation, flights and things to do make Turkey one of the top tourists destinations each year. The people are welcoming and go above and beyond to help make your day special and a holiday to remember.

Ghost Town


Raw history shines through the ghost town of Kayakoy, a short distance a way from popular tourist destinations: Hisarönü, Oludinez and Fethiye. Back in the nineteenth century the town was buzzing with life, greeks and Turks lived side by side, enjoying life together. The community blossomed and welcomed cultures from both countries, outside of school and religion.

After the loss of the first world war, segregation we implemented throughout Greek and Turkey. In Kayakoy the Greek Christian citizens were forced to pack up and head to Fethiye harbour for deportation and the Muslim Turks were expelled from Greece.

The Greeks were given very little time to pack up their homes and communities were halved. The returning turks didn’t want to settle in Kayakoy and those who were left in the communities quickly left after an earthquake hit. Leaving the town empty and ghost like.

Jump Off A Cliff


Potentially the only event in my life which has quickly installed the fear of death in me. The drive up the mountain is enough to get your heart pumping. The teams which run the jumps are amazing, one you are at the top of the mountain they get you hooked up to your parachute and then off the cliff very quickly. There is no time to get worried or worked up and chicken out of doing it. Once you’ve jumped, actually coming back down is very peaceful.

You can see some videos of me and my friends jumping off a cliff:

Jumping Off A Cliff: HannahGary |Michael | Hannah 2

Turkish Bath


A Turkish bath or a hamam is similar to a steam bath but with more of a focus water. The tiled room is gently heated, visitors then lie on a heated slab in the middle of the room scrubbed for exfoliation, then massaged with oils and finally washed clean with hot water. If your masseuse has a funny bone they may splash you with cold water first.

Most hotels in tourist regions are fully equipped with a spa offering Turkish baths and other types of massages, there are also many stand alone spas around town which are sometimes more affordable.

Island Hopping Boat Tour


The affordability of this country means that there are plenty of boat tours at competitive  affordable costs. My favourite of all of the boat tours are the island hopping tours. You can see more of Turkeys coast, rather than sticking to the beach bays near your hotel. Board the land and climb up to the waterfalls and sunbathe on the shore, or jump off the side of the boat and spend your time docked swimming. If you’re lucky you will see some turtles on your boat trip.

The affordability of the tours means they can be as cheap as £5 per person. Private boat tours are also beautifully competitively cheap and very affordable for any medium to large groups. We paid £200 for a full day boat trip, including drinks and food.

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