5 Things To Do In Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is an absolutely stunning island in the Canaries that I fell in love with as soon as I stepped foot on it… I’ve been there four times already and going back again in less than a month! It’s one of those places that people can’t help but return to, yet so many people have never been there. It’s a must-visit destination if you like sun, sand, and great culture, so here are five things I think everyone should do when they visit:

Explore the town of Corralejo

Whenever we visit Fuerteventura we always stay in Corralejo, as it’s a town rather than resort that’s fairly close to a lot of really great days out. The town itself is vibrant and exciting, with loads of shops and wonderful restaurants, and some stunning beaches away from the main strip. Our perfect day is crepe fruta fresca for breakfast at The Bakery Caffé, a pint of Tropical at one of the many bars by the beach, a midday swim amongst the fish, and dinner spent relaxing in the Music Square. I’m still not bored of it after over a month of my time spent there!

Take a day trip to Isla de Lobos

Isla de Lobos is a natural park that’s incredibly easy to get to from Corralejo, either by speedboat, glass-bottomed boat, or catamaran. On the island is a village where a small collection of people live without water or power, as well as a lagoon, a small climbable mountain, salt lakes, and a lighthouse to the far end of the island. You’ll need to take water and something to cover your head as it gets super hot, but there’s nothing like swimming in the lagoon after a day of trekking the island.

Discover the island with the Fuerteventura Grand Tour

We undertook this coach tour on our second visit as we wanted to find out more about the island, and it certainly didn’t disappoint! As well as learning more about the island you get to take in breath- taking views of volcanoes from the highest points of Fuerteventura and visit gorgeous towns nestled between them, such as the old capital Betancuria. There’s also a visit to an aloe vera establishment and a trip to a goat cheese farm so there really is lots to learn!

Explore the white sands of Morro Jable

Morro Jable is another lovely place to stay and is also viable as a day trip. Situated on the South of the island the town is great for shopping and has a idyllic beach of white sand that stretches for 3km. There’s also a turtle sanctuary and a well-known zoo, Oasis Park, nearby so it’s a great place for animal lovers as well.

Get away from the crowds and visit the Dunes

I absolutely love the Dunes in Fuerteventura because they’re so close to Corralejo yet you really feel away from everything when you’re there. More suitable for a morning visit because of the heat, there’s plenty of trek routes through the Dunes, with some going up to the volcanoes as well. There are also plenty of opportunities to explore the Dunes by vehicle, from Jeep tours to crossing them on a quadbike or dune buggy rental. For me there’s just something so serene about being surrounded by sand, sun, and silence, and I always find myself going back.

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