What To Do in Ajaccio, Corsica

Corsica itself is a mountainous Mediterranean island, home to stylish coastal towns like Ajaccio. Further inland you can find forests with hiking trails to peaks in the island, Monte Cinto is the highest peak. Along the coast, there are many beaches that vary in popularity with some bustling tourist hot spots and some far more remote. 

What is most unusual about Corsica is it’s distinct Italian culture, despite the island being a part of France since 1768. There are so many amazing things to do in this country, especially in Ajaccio. 

  1. A Cupulatta Park 

This park is unique in the fact it is the largest European turtle or tortoise park. A Cupulatta park is an impressive 2.5 hectares big and was founded in 1993 for both tourists and locals to see these amazing creatures. You can spend the day admiring over 3000 animals and 170 species from all over the world, from America, Asia and Africa.

Not only is this national park a must-see because of the amazing animals inside, but it is also very affordable. Tickets start from £11.00 and this park will certainly provide an entire day’s worth of entertainment. 

  1. Discover Napoleons Birth Place

1769 saw the birth of Napoleon Bonaparte born in the hills in the north of the city. Napoleon’s family home is now a museum called Maison Bonaparte. Even if you don’t fancy visiting Napoleon’s family home, you can see statues of him dotted all over the city. 

If you are a secret Napoleon fan make sure you visit in August, especially August 15th and celebrate his birthday in his home town. 

  1. Visit nearby towns

This town is the capital of Corsica and offers an abode of entertainment for travellers to enjoy whilst they take in the town. One of the ways you can spend time in this town is by visiting the nearby towns, they may be smaller in size but still have plenty to offer. 

You can visit the nearby towns by road or by sea, whichever you prefer there are too many tours to chose from. A tourist favourite is seeing the town and nearby on a bike tour. There are also plenty of mini-breaks that include sailing on a cruise to nearby towns in Corsica.

  1. Visit Cargese

One of the nearby towns you should try an visit during your stay in Ajaccio is Cargese. This town is home to many stunning coast and cliff sides you have to see. I would recommend hiring a boat and taking it out to see as much of the coast you can see, whilst you have the boat our at sea, why not anchor up and go snorkelling.

Discover a whole world underwater along the coast, watch the fishies swim all around you – and if you’re lucky, you may spot a dolphin in the distance. 

Cargese is also full of amazing hiking trails, you can go solo or join a tour. Remember to bring along plenty of water and suncream if you’re hiking. 

  1. Typical Beach Life

The Corsica sun is not something to be missed. The sand is glorious and there are many tasty bistros along the waterfront that serve freshly caught seafood along with freshly prepared food from the land that will make you drool. 

Along with the waterfront tourist shops, restaurants and boutiques, there are plenty of water exertions you can join from the beach. Whether you want to hire a private boat and jet along the water yourself or join a boat tour of the sea at sunset, or visit the nearby island and mix in some Spanish and Italian culture to your trip to France. 

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